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Spectre Firearms

Custom solutions built to the highest quality.


Handcrafted to exacting standards.


Proven accuracy in the field.


Built to order. Built for you. Built on time.

Precision manufacturing for exacting quality

You have higher standards. So do we.

Whether you are an avid sportsman, target shooter or law enforcement professional, or simply a connoisseur of precision leading edge equipment, you’re ready for something special. A step above the ordinary, a truly elite firearm. Ready-made to our exacting standards or custom-built from the ground up to your individual specifications, Spectre firearms delivers precision-made solutions with unparalleled lead time. 

Created for you by people just like you, we have an obsession for quality, achieved through modern state-of-the-art multi-axis machining techniques that are cutting edge, without cutting corners. In-house manufacturing of bolt carrier groups, barrels, receivers and all major components ensures the highest quality control.

World-class firearms made by discerning craftsmen for discriminating customers

Spectre firearms is the result of a lifelong passionate pursuit of excellence. Successful industry leaders in precision manufacturing, engineering, and the military, our vision is to make tier-one equipment available to a wider market.

Decades of experience in manufacturing and demanding real-world applications combine to create a unique approach to production – a place where the latest advancements in manufacturing processes are regularly informed by individualized user feedback, producing finely crafted, technologically superior, high-performance one-of-a-kind firearms.

Custom or ready-built, our quality never wavers

From the beginning, our mission has been to only create the best. State-of-the-art precision manufacturing techniques are capped by hand-finishing and polishing. This high-tech, high-touch approach ensures a spectacular finished product, unparalleled in beauty and performance. Our standard production guns are anything but standard. Seamless, silky-smooth operation is a hallmark of every Spectre product. 

And if that’s not enough, you can take things a step further by adding the personal details that will make your gun your very own. You’ll be proud to own it, to use it, and to pass it on to the next generation.

You’ll feel the difference from the very first time you hold it

There’s something special about the feel and balance of a precision-made firearm, distinctly different from a mass-produced gun. Everything seems to fit just so. The rifle becomes an extension of you. And as beautiful as it is to look at, it’s even more extraordinary when you pull the trigger. All of the precision care in manufacturing is delivered in that moment.

Currently, our products are sold exclusively through Wolverine™ Supplies

Tier one equipment

Replacement products

Made to order

Specialized applications

Delivery held to the same exacting standards as our firearms

You’d think such a precisely made, quality-obsessed firearm would equal a long wait, but you’d be wrong. Spectre has invested the time, effort and expense to create a fine-tuned process that allows us to craft masterpieces without delay. We deliver on time, as promised, without compromise. This gun is a work of art that will last a lifetime and beyond, and you can have it sooner than you might think.

Are you ready to create your very own Spectre firearm?

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We Are



997 Paxon Drive
Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

We Are



997 Paxon Drive
Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

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